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2019 Summer Concert #2: Nachtmusik

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8:00 pm

Friday, August 16, 2019

Music of Bach, Bartók, Dutilleux, Mozart, Pärt, Ravel

Nachtmusik (“Night music”) consists of music one might hear sleepwalking barefoot through the forest alone at two in the morning: the chittering of insects, the anguished cry of a small animal in distress, the distant laughter of elves, the vast resonance of the cosmos.

In addition to individual movements culled from the Wednesday and Sunday programs there will also be the music of Bach and Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. This intimate and spiritual concert will be held in the Brown Chapel at the Newburyport cemetery and is approximately an hour long. Some of the music will be played from memory in complete darkness.

Advance: $32 Adults; $16.00 Students/Youth up to 21 At the door: $35 Adults; $18 Students/Youth; Mass Culture EBT Card: $10 (Call to reserve up to 2 tickets per EBT card and show card at the door.)


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Brown Chapel at Oak Hill Cemetery

Music of Ravel, Bach, Pärt, Mozart, Bartók, Bach, Dutilleux

Artistic Director & Violist

Summer Festival Artist


Summer Festival Artist


Summer Festival Artist


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