Baroque violinist Cynthia Roberts

Tickets are on sale for Winter Baroque!
Sunday, December 17th at 3:00 at St. Paul’s


Cynthia Roberts returns!

Cynthia and I overlapped in New York in the 90s and she came to NCMF in the early years to do an opening night concert. She has become one of the preeminent exponents of historical violin and is head of historical violin performance at Juilliard. She is also just a gem of a human being and musician, which is kind of what NCMF is all about.

Cynthia is a fan of Stéphane Grappelli.
Here he plays "I Got Rhythm"
live in New Orleans (1984)

She’ll be playing Heinrich Biber’s (1644 – 1704) masterpiece, the Passacaglia for unaccompanied violin, along with an Italian baroque sonata by Dario Castello (1602 – 1631). I have a predilection for Italian baroque music (the rock and roll of its day) and that Biber is a killer work of music. If we had to share one piece with aliens to demonstrate how humans can create breathtakingly original and beautiful art, this would be a contender. I’m stoked to hear her play along with Perry on trumpet, John on harpsichord, and Eliana on cello.

See you in a few weeks,

David Yang, Artistic Director

Cynthia and David
Rachel Podger playing the Biber Passacaglia

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