Covid 19 scuttles festival 2022

Things could be worse:
HMS Endurance stranded in ice (1915)

It seems covid had one last surprise in store for us with two positive antigen tests amongst the musicians on Tuesday (they have mild symptoms but are ok). With great reluctance and out of concern for our concertgoers, many of whom are members of an at-risk population, I have cancelled all concerts and events for the rest of this summer.

CDC quarantine/isolation requirements are clear: anyone testing positive should isolate for five days regardless of vaccine status. Losing two of our ranks combined with the impossible task of finding last-minute substitutes and the real possibility that the rest of the artists may start falling like dominoes has resulted in my, with the support of the board, taking this unprecedented step. What makes the decision all the more dreadful is that things were going exceptionally well.

This festival has been the highlight of my year for over two decades and it is devastating to cancel on the day of our very first concert. My greatest disappointment, however, is that I won’t have an opportunity to celebrate Rhina’s 90th birthday in style with the world premiere by Jon Deak, not to mention the Mozart “Dissonance,” Shostakovich’s savage second string quartet, and the mighty Schoenberg with our marvelous soprano. Stay healthy and stay safe,

David Yang, Artistic Director

One of two Hausmusiks, summer 2022

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