Don't take my word for it

Vienna was good to Mozart – for a while.

Our spring recital is this Saturday at 7:30 pm at “The Barrage” in Newbury. It is almost sold out so you should move quickly if you want one of the last seats.

I’ve said about all I can about the Mozart and Schoenberg trios and how great they are. So here is Mozart specialist and musicological royalty, Alfred Einstein (distant cousin to the scientist) on the Divertimento:

Mozart’s E-flat major Trio is a true chamber work, and grew to such large proportion only because it was intended to offer the hearer something special in the way of art, invention, and good spirits…Each instrument is primus inter pares [Ed. “first among equals”]; every note is significant, every note a contribution to spiritual and sensuous fulfilment in sound…the finest, most perfect trio ever heard.

Schoenberg, who fled the Nazis for America,
also had mixed feelings about Vienna.

The delightful blogger at “The Musical Voice” wrote:

If I had to pick just one piece for a person to hear who had never heard Mozart’s music before, I would pick this one. This piece virtually encapsulates…that intangible “Mozartean” quality of being moving without sentimentality. The wellspring from which Mozart’s music came was not of the inevitable ups and downs of  his personal life, nor the desire to “outdo” his fellow composers by being innovative for innovation’s sake, but is instead the impeccable reflection of the perfect balance and oneness of the universe.

The Cret String Trio
(photo: David Perry)

If you have a tablet or iPad, bring it along so you can follow the scores. There are links here for the Mozart and Schoenberg, and on the NCMF website at the bottom of the concert page. The Schoenberg score is used with the generous permission of Belmont Music Publishers.

See you Saturday!

David Yang, Artistic Director

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