Winter Baroque ‘22: a portfolio

Aldo’s armory

The feedback from NCMF Winter Baroque has been rolling in and is overwhelmingly positive. What a concert it was! At one point it looked like smoke was coming out of Aldo’s recorder.

Recorder shredding

Sarah, on violin, was a kind of live coal of musical energy in the center of the group.

John, on harpsichord, was a wonderful grounding presence and all-around mensch.

And on keyboards….

Finally, Eliana held the hall under her spell for twenty-five minutes with a big Bach suite.

Of course I am going to say that

It is something for these pros to come together and assemble a terrific concert on a few hours of rehearsal. We train for it, but it still feels like a kind of rare alchemy to pull this off. Watching from outside it seems like a bit of a miracle. (This is a shameless plug for attending the open rehearsals during the summer festival.)

Rehearsing in St. Anna’s Chapel

There wasn’t an empty pew and I saw only smiles as people filtered out. Thank you for making last year happen.

David Yang, Artistic Director

NCMF Winter Baroque 2022
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David Yang

Buckle your seat belts! The program consists of the Schoenberg String Trio and Mozart’s Divertimento in Eb.

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